Red Fox Playing Cards

Created by Kelly ten Hove

Custom designed 100% hand-drawn playing cards. Version 1.0 is a unique marked deck for magic, cardistry and collecting. The purple version 1.1 pairs nicely for magicians, cardistry, collecting and is great for the card player. Printed by the USPCC.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Red Fox Playing Cards Update
29 days ago – Wed, Jan 22, 2020 at 06:26:21 PM

Thank you everyone for being so patient! Daily I have been working behind the scenes to get these cards but at the same time, make sure they are of the highest quality. 

The original arrival date mentioned on Kickstarter for these cards was scheduled for March. We are still on schedule for March. We have received news passed on from the USPCC that they will be ready to ship to us by the end of February and we are ready to start shipping them as soon as we get them. I am finalizing up the Backerkit additional purchases so that we can mail the cards ASAP to every backer once we receive them. 

We were planning on hopefully delivering them early but had a bit of delay due to us insisting on additional samples to ensure that everything will be of the highest quality when it comes to the colors and how they work with the reader glasses. This set us back a bit, so now we are on schedule instead of early, but assured that you will have the best product. 

We have our shipping boxes, 3D cases, Titan deck sleeves, red fox logo stickers, red fox stickers, reader glasses, business cards, miniature fox in bottles, and plenty of bubble wrap - just need a few thousand decks of USPCC branded cards instead of my one prototype for photos :) 

I've attached a picture of a typical order, as well as what you will receive even if you just purchased a single deck. As I get additional information about the shipping of the cards I will update you all again. 

Typical Order

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
2 months ago – Sat, Dec 21, 2019 at 11:06:47 PM

Quick update to keep you all in the loop! 

240 Backers have completed their Backerkit survey! Great Job! A few still need to complete, you know who you are ;) 

  • Poker Chips are here! 
  • Deck Sleeves have arrived!
  • Tracking the stickers and they should be delivered Monday! 
  • Hard Proofs are in and looking great! 
  • 2500 of each deck and 25 uncut sheets of version 1.0 ordered - delivery estimated between end of January to mid-February. We promised a March delivery but can hopefully get these to most of you before February ends. 

Here's a few interesting things I have found while doing research on printing cards for your reading pleasure, as well as a few photos to peruse. 

I've had a few questions regarding what an uncut sheet vs hard proof is. A hard proof is a one-sided print of the deck provided on a thick paper (not card stock) to verify color and placement before printing starts. Even though they can print the hard proof at any time, the one we have will be the only one ever made for each of our decks. The uncut sheet (printed on both sides on card stock) is taken off the line during the print run. We have ordered a total of 25 for version 1.0 only, none will be made for version 1.1. I have provided an article that I have found to be an interesting read on the matter. (Feel free to go back the Backerkit survey and grab a limited uncut sheet).

The machine that prints the cards takes a little bit of time to set up the printing plates and then a bit of a run to get the ink flowing. Once it's spooled up it is capable of printing on both sides of the card stock at a speed of about 600 decks per minute! The card stock is made of three layers, a white layer on either side of a black glue layer so that nothing can be seen through the card when held up to the light. These sheets will then be cut into strips, and then cards that will get packaged into the tuck boxes and wrapped in cellophane. 

Thank you everyone! So what's next?
3 months ago – Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 07:08:45 PM

Thank you everyone so much for your support on this campaign and making it such a success! Time to celebrate! 

Now we need to get you your cards! We are so excited about this, so what's the next step you ask? What about those little foxes in a bottle? (see #3) 

1. Kickstarter will be collecting the funds from all backers for their pledges. Please make sure your credit card information has not expired. 

2. We will receive our portion of the funds (Kickstarter will get a percentage for their services) on or around December 12 as it takes a few weeks for Kickstarter to finalize the collection of funds. 

3. IMPORTANT: You will be getting a link to the Backerkit survey on December 12.  For those that are new to Backerkit surveys, here's a little explanation. Backerkit is very straightforward with nice pictures to click on and a detailed breakdown of your pledge tier, amount towards shipping, and amount towards add-ons and their respective shipping. You will have a chance to verify exactly the add-ons you pledged for, as well to add additional add-ons and pay for them at that time. You will also be able to add special notes to me or you can contact me directly. So if you missed an add-on, don't worry, you will be able to take care of it when the Backerkit surveys come out on December 12. This includes the miniature fox in the bottle. There will be a limited amount available as there are only 16 produced, but the first number of people that add this to their total will be successful and receive them with their order. 

4. In the meantime we are busy behind the scenes! Here's some of the things we are working on. 

  • Red reader glasses are here and ready.
  • Miniature fox in the bottles are produced. They will each be given a tag to uniquely distinguish them, then they will be ready.
  • Business cards shaped like mini playing cards are here and ready.
  • The cards - both versions - have been submitted and digital proof has arrived. We hope to approve the artwork before the funds are received to stay ahead of schedule. After artwork is approved, the USPCC lead time is about 5-7 weeks before I will get the cards. Un-cut sheets for both decks will also arrive at the same time. 
  • Poker chips have been ordered and should arrive mid-December.
  • Stickers (one of each free for everyone) have been submitted. Once the artwork is approved, they should arrive early December.
  • 3D printed card cases will be ordered mid-December when the Backerkit surveys start coming in and we have a good idea of how many were ordered.
  • Clear deck sleeves (one free for everyone) will be ordered very soon and should arrive before mid-December. 
  • Deck in a bottle will be ordered after I receive the cards and am able to ship them off to Stanley to start his part of the production. 
  • Version 2.0 has been brainstormed and is in the pre-design phase.
  • We are also keeping busy with e-mails and messages and keeping up our Instagram, Facebook, main website (, and continuing to film the magic trick tutorials for our magic trick tutorial website (to be revealed when you receive your cards). 

5. Add-ons for backers will be available on the Backerkit survey on December 12. If you have any friends that missed the kickstarter though, feel free to point them towards the Pre-Order Store:

3 months ago – Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 10:20:54 PM

Thank you so much to everyone that made this possible! 

Sit back, relax and let your FREE stickers arrive with your order. We have achieved our stretch goal for this, and we will be receiving some very quality stickers in the next week or two - I will update you with pictures when they arrive. Additional stickers will also be available for purchase after the campaign. 

Also, to anyone who has 12 or more decks in their order, you will be receiving a color copy of some original artwork signed by the artist as a thank you. 

Stretch Goal #2 was FREE stickers for ALL BACKERS! We are planning a  1.5" circle with the ambigram "Red Fox" logo, as well as an  approximately 2"x3" sleeping red fox. They will be vinyl die cut stickers so they can go on almost everything! Stick them on your bumber,  binder, locker, phone, laptop, computer tower, fridge, mirror,  instrument case, suitcase, magic box, dresser, or any other flat surface you desire.

Purple unmarked version 1.1 digital proofs are in!
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 10:06:12 PM

Just got the digital proofs for the unmarked version 1.1! 

One week of the campaign left and we only need a few hundred to make our FREE STICKERS for everyone stretch goal. Tell your friends! 

If you haven't already added this deck to your pledge, you can do so at early bird prices. Directions and prices on the Kickstarter page, If you have question fell free to contact me. 

Version 1.1 is also available as an un-cut sheet. (An un-cut sheet is where they take the entire sheet off the production line before it gets cut into the individual cards. They will be rolled up and mailed in a tube. It measures approximately 22"x26").

I am waiting for the hard copies of both the V1.0 and V1.1 decks which are being mailed together. Once they arrive and we approve the artwork, USPCC only needs to be paid and they will start the production run. 

Enjoy the pictures of the digital proofs.